In 1983, Royal Arc Welding & Manufacturing was founded by a team of experienced designers and construction engineers.  Our mission has been to provide a full range of overhead crane and monorail systems, that have since become the standard of our industry.  Royal Arc has grown to be recognized across the country as a premier source of innovative, customer-driven solutions to a range of industries including: 

Automotive, Steel Processing, Foundry, Plating Industry, Steel Stamping

and a range of other manufacturing industries.  All of these companies have come to Royal Arc with very specific needs and special problems to overcome.  Each application has resulted in robust, thoughtfully engineered and meticulously crafted crane systems designed to exceed our customers' expectations.

The Correct Solution

There are many companies that can offer you a particular need.  Royal Arc is distinguished not only by our years of experience, but also by our breadth of experience.  They systems we design and install range from single to multiple cranes, from manual to air operated to electrical hybrids.  We continue to meet the needs of small specialty manufacturers, as well as the largest steel foundry plants.  Our systems include a variety of jib and swing-arm cranes with ceiling, wall or floor mounts, and the mightiest multi ton cranes operating hundreds of feet over the plant floor.  In every case, the design and structural engineers at Royal Arc perform extensive research on your facility.

This research results not only in a more accurate quote on your project, but it can reveal characteristics of your structure or operation that lead to time and cost savings, and ultimately a better crane system for you.

More Than Just a Crane...

There is much more to a Royal Arc project than a crane or monorail.  Because of our company wide commitment to providing honest, complete service, our technicians are fully prepared to provide all the ancillary components and services your operation demands















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